After I gave birth at Waikato hospital I was able to stay the first night there. I had wanted to transfer to River Ridge as this was in my birth plan, but was told that I had missed the cut off time to transfer. At the time, I had no information about what I was entitled to do and because I was so physically and mentally exhausted after giving birth, I never thought to say anything, check whether what they were saying was correct or ask anyone about what postnatal care I needed.

I had such a horrible night at the hospital, it was so loud and because everyone was so busy there was no-one free to help me. I couldn’t breastfeed, I had no idea how, I felt really lonely. I decided that I needed rest and would be better off going home than staying another night in hospital, at least my husband would be there to help.

I was a first time mum and knew that I would need some help, support and to learn the skills which is why I wanted to go to River Ridge. I now know how important it is to speak up, but we need to know what we can speak up about. I am really grateful for my LMC but the first month of breastfeeding for me was a nightmare as the damage was all done on the first night when I had to do it by myself.


Becoming a mum is hard and we can’t do it by ourselves.