I arrived at hospital at 7am to give birth to my second baby and by 10:17am she was born. Unfortunately for me, my baby and family, I was then told there was no room at Wellington Hospital and would have to go straight home.

“I didn’t feel like I was given a choice, I was given a piece of toast with jam (no butter as I’m dairy free) and told I could stay in the delivery suite for as long as I wanted/needed but I couldn’t stay the night as other women would need the bed.

Thankfully I had my husband with me as no one checked on us or our baby at all after that, I feel like we were forgotten about – we were home by 2pm and 2days later my postnatal anxiety kicked in in full force”.


“If I had known that I had the right to stay in the hospital for my postnatal care, I would definitely have asked for it.

I suffered from postnatal anxiety which meant I wasn’t able to bond properly with my new little girl. I only hope other mothers are not treated in the same way.”