Good postnatal care in a supportive environment has immense benefits and should never be underestimated. In this story, Anna tells us about her amazing postnatal experience and hopes every other family can also receive the care and support she did.


“I truly believe my mummy journey and my baby's start in life was made more special, and the transition to parenthood so much easier to handle thanks to the wonderful team in Whangarei Hospital.

After a failed induction, my son was delivered via C-Section and although I hadn’t planned on a caesarean , I had gone into hospital feeling slightly prepared for the birth of my baby, but completely unprepared for what would came next. I honestly had no idea what it would be like to become a mother or how to take care of my new baby.

Once my lovely baby boy was born, I received the most amazing postnatal care from the maternity team at Whangarei Hospital. At no point was I encouraged to leave – I was helped at every step to establish breastfeeding, and take care of my beautiful new son. I was given the time to form a loving bond and attachment with him and become confident in how to be his mother.

I honestly cannot give enough praise to the caring, compassionate maternity team at Whangarei Hospital – they truly made what was a very difficult personal time for me an empowering and beautiful experience which then gave me the confidence to go home to an empty house and care for my son on my own.


I would like every other mother and family in New Zealand to have the same postnatal experience as me.